Power of Love

With growing age, its get difficult to manage the time to fulfill your hobbies. When it comes to maintaining a diary Or blog – it becomes more difficult as it never hits the priority in things to do list. So, finally I found an alternative way to keep my blogging continue which is writing short posts – straight from the heart which can help me to give words to my feelings & maintain the blogging hobby as well.

So, here I go – Power of Love!

Power of Love

One of the most amazing power children have is, power of love. No matter what your actions are, your child (specially toddler) will never stop loving you. No matter how many times you have broken your promises they will never stop caring about you for a simple reason that you are the world to them. You are the person who they most care about. They expect from you but even if you do not fulfill that expectations they still love you & that’s the beauty of the pure love. May be that’s what makes their smile so pure, so bright & infectious.

But with age, many of us – as adults get habituated to evaluate everything into GIVE & TAKE relationship. May be, sometimes it’s good to re-live that pure love & experience the great power it holds.

Parenting is difficult but its full of blessings as well as one can witness the pure form of love – one of the things which MONEY CAN’T BUY 🙂


How we make decisions ?

I have been thinking over this again & again since last couple of months that, how I make decisions ? Is it based on my needs Or my priorities Or my hobby that I want to fulfill Or simply based on influence by others ?


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It took a while for me to find out the fact that, my decisions are solely based on thoughts which I believe are true. And thoughts are based on my past experience & influenced as well. For example, If I have lost my friend who is young then probably, the next immediate decision will be to fulfill my dreams & securing the future of my family as my thoughts are both based on what I have experienced with the recent incident as well thoughts influenced due to the threat of what If that happened to me ?

So, there is nothing like right or wrong decisions. Every decision which we take is based on the experience that we have gained in the past & influenced by the thoughts of the future. Yes, we do apply our logic here but that comes from an experience (whatever we see, learn, practice are part of our experience only)


Image Source : Long, W. and Cooper, I. 2011

But then What about Intuition ?

Yes, this is something I always trust upon. Life is full of experience, and with every decision make new learning which turns in to experience. There were few critical time in my life where my logic & experience was saying something different to choose but my intuition was saying the opposite. Every-time when I listen to my intuition, later I realized that it worked in my favor. Though there is nothing like wrong decision but yes, decisions sometimes work in favor of us & sometimes not so in favor but then that’s how you earn your experience.

Few leanings :

  • There is nothing like Bad or Wrong decisions, we took a decision so we should be proud enough on that, yes there are learning which we take out of it, which influence our future decisions.
  • Life is meant to make decisions, so take your stand, don’t let others take decision for you.
  • Longer the time you take to make decision, more the confusion. Trust your intuition.
  • Life is too short to wake up with regrets, so be humble with yourself, but do not make decisions on others thoughts as it will impact you , not others. Take advise but then decide your self.
  • Be ready to face whatever comes once you make a decision as its your decision. Someone else will not take benefit or shit of your decision.
  • There are individual decisions which is an individual right, & then there are family/group decision where we need to either take decision on behalf of the group or influence the one who is taking the decision. Again, its your right to put your point but more important is to learn (not influenced) from other’s thoughts.

Life is all about choices we make! At every step, at every moment we make choices/ we make decision, but we hardly think about it.

We are limited, we are not perfect, we are irrational in all kinds of ways but we are aware of what we are doing, that’s what matters. Freewheel is the beautiful god-gift we as a human-race are bestowed with. Let’s make God proud of us 🙂



Happy Birthday Daddy :-)

Happy Birthday Daddy 🙂

Happy Birthday Daddy :-)

8th May, 2013

Its your 59th birthday & the only way I can wish you birthday is with my silence or through this blog. So, daddy, Wish you a very happy happy birthday, Love you & above that Miss you a lot 😦

Well, I remember those birthday gifts & I want to continue the same, but now, I have a limitation that, I can not give you anything physically so I just found this beautiful poem for you on your birthday 🙂

પિતા હરપળ યાદ આવે છે

વાત્સલ્યના લીલા લીલા પાન ,
મેં તો પીધા મીઠા મધુરા પાન……..પિતા હરપળ યાદ આવે છે.

કર્મના કીરતાલ તમો,
પ્રેમની પ્યાલી પીવડાવતા રહ્યા……..પિતા હરપળ યાદ આવે છે.

આંગળી પકડી,રાહ ચીંધતા રહ્યા,
સફળતાની ચાવી,સંતાનોને દેતા રહ્યા……..પિતા હરપળ યાદ આવે છે.

એ ભલા-ભોળા શંકર જેવા,
ખુદ વિષ પી..અમરત દેતા રહ્યા……..પિતા હરપળ યાદ આવે છે.

સંતાન-સુખ,એજ લક્ષ્ય,એજ ધ્યેય,
મીઠા ફળ સૌને દેતા રહ્યાં…….. પિતા હરપળ યાદ આવે છે.

આજ મ્હેકતો બાગ છે આપના થકી,
માળી બની,બાગનું સિંચન કરતા રહ્યાં……..પિતા હરપળ યાદ આવે છે.

આશિષ આપી, સ્વર્ગે સિધાવી ગયા,
પિતૃબની આજપણ આશિષ દેતા રહ્યા……..પિતા હરપળ યાદ આવે છે.

Missing you daddy
Missing you daddy

Life And Happiness

Life & Happiness

Just came across this really interesting article in mail & thought worth to share on blog.  So, Do read & Enjoy the life 🙂 (For Gujarati readers only)


આનંદ, ખુશી, મજા, ઉત્સાહ અને પ્રેરણા પ્લાનિંગથી નથી મળતાં, એ અચાનક જ આગિયાની જેમ પ્રગટી જતાં હોય છે. અચાનક જ કંઈક એવું બને છે કે આપણો મૂડ ચેન્જ થઈ જાય છે. કોઈ સ્મરણ, કોઈ સ્પર્શ, કોઈ સંવાદ અને કોઈ મુલાકાત અચાનક જ દિલમાં ઊગી નીકળે છે અને ઘડીકમાં પાનખર વસંતમાં ફેરવાઈ જાય છે. અણધારી આવેલી આ ખુશીને આપણે કેટલી ગંભીરતાથી લઈએ છીએ?


આપણે એટલા બધા વ્યસ્ત થઈ ગયા છીએ કે મજાનું પણ પ્લાનિંગ કરવું પડે છે. હવે પછીની રજામાં આમ કરવું છે, થોડુંક વાંચવું છે, એકાદ ગઝલ સાંભળવી છે, સીડી પર આ ફિલ્મ જોવી છે, દરિયાકિનારે જઈ ભીની રેતીમાં ખુલ્લા પગે ચાલવું છે કે બગીચાની લીલી લોનનો સ્પર્શ મહેસૂસ કરવો છે. એકાદ ફૂલની પાંખડીને આંગળીના ટેરવા વચ્ચે રમાડી તેની કુમાશ મહેસૂસ કરવી છે અને કંઈક એવું કરવું છે જેનાથી બે ઘડી એમ થાય કે મજા આવી ગઈ.
Happyness in nature
બધાંનાં દિલમાં આવી થોડીક તમન્નાઓ કાયમ સળવળતી રહે છે. એવાં ઘણાં સપનાંઓ હોય છે જે સાકાર થવા મથતાં રહે છે. એક માણસ આવા જ વિચાર કરતો કરતો પોતાની કારમાં જતો હતો. ક્યાંય મજા નથી આવતી, ખબર નહીં ક્યારે છુટકારો મળશે. આટલું બધું ટાઇટ શિડયુલ થોડું હોય કે શ્વાસ લેવાની ફુરસદ પણ ન મળે. કેટલા બધા સમયથી અંગત મિત્રોને મળ્યો નથી. એકાદ રજા મળે તો નાનકડું ગેટ ટુ ગેધર કરી બધા મિત્રોને એકઠા કરું. આવા બધા વિચારો ચાલતા હતા ત્યાં જ મોબાઇલ રણક્યો. ઘણા સમય અગાઉ મળેલા એક મિત્રનું નામ મોબાઇલની સ્ક્રીન પર ચમક્યું.

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Help for Cancer Patient

Hello Friends,

One of my friend in Baroda, Gujarat, is doing a very noble cause by helping cancer patients. With this post, I am just trying to extend my small share to make his work little easier.

Patient named Arman Husain who is a 5 yr old child residing in a village near Indore. He has been diagnosed as a case of acute myeloid leukemia (AML). He is poor, his parents are labourer, his parent’s monthly income is around Rs.five thousands.  His disease has cure rate of 40 to 50%.  However the cost of treatment would be around three lakhs at Kailash Cancer Hospital or at M P SHAH cancer hospital Ahmedabad. It is around one third the cost compared to private Cancer hospitals.

As of now treatment is going on at Baroda, This is a gentle request to Anybody who is in baroda & who is having B-ve blood group or donor card to please come forward & help in this noble cause.

Arman who is suffering from blood cancer needs blood at frequent intervals, My friend Alok seeing this kid on weekend and he is hospitalized in goraj muni seva ashram aka kailash cancer hospital.

A word from Alok : “So my friends please share and let me know if anybody has a donor card where his parents can get some discount or anybody ready to donate. His parents are not in a position to undergo his treatment but by the god’s grace there are people who are helping them and also seva ashram is doing their best for this 5 year old kid. ”

Please let me know ASAP who wants to donate the blood b-ve or has the donor card where he can get blood at half of the rate.

Lets come forward & try to help Arman to fight his battle of life.

Just Tweet to @amishkeshvani or send mail to amish(atthereateof)innovativeseo(dot).net to get more details.

Aminbhai B. Keshwani – My tribute to my father

Aminbhai B. Keshvani ( A. B. Keshvani )

B.Com, LLB Advocate, Ex- Judicial Magistrate, Ahmedabad

People who worked with him says they got attracted by his magnetic personality which reflects his intelligence, his kindness, his humbleness & most importantly his purity of soul. I feel proud to be a son of such a magnificent personality, yes I proudly say that, Hey look, he was my dad. He has served judiciary for a decade & legal system for 35 years & helped many junior advocates, clients & sometimes needy unknown people in their critical time & that’s what he taught me during last 32 years.

Me & My Dad were ready to go for a movie

Me & My Dad were getting ready to go for a movie

11th December, 2012 – It’s the first time in my life of 32 years when I witnessed Or should I say experienced that how it feels when you witness the experience of “Death”. Believe me; it changes your attitude towards life. It shakes you totally & makes you still stand with no idea, no thoughts in mind. I was seating outside ICU praying to GOD for dad & its 6.30 am in the morning, I was shaking literally when security guard announced my name – I knew its alarm, something happened and I have been called inside ICU. I entered & saw my dad for the last time. Can’t express how it feels but I was shaking. But, you know what, Dad was sleeping very calmly seems like saying to me “hey, I will be with you so don’t worry” – And yes, even after 2 months, I feel the same. He is with me & he will be with me spiritually, emotionally, in my thoughts, in my heart.

In last 6 months, our lives have changed. To-day it still feels like a bad dream we have seen but cannot deny the fact at the same time. But, I have some satisfaction or I say some reason which I feel helping me to cop up with this situation. I say to myself that,

  • I am fortunate as I did my best to help my dad during his difficult times & thank GOD for allowing me to be his support & to earn this moral satisfaction that I did my best.
  • I am fortunate that I am still doing my best to support my family, able to fulfill the responsibility with the best I can.
  • I am fortunate that, I learned the lessons of life from this & now my attitude towards life is changed to 360 degrees.
Trip to Alibaug near mumbai

Trip to Alibaug near mumbai

Oh, but what about my father, well, I feel he was lucky as,

  • He never witnessed OLD AGE Crisis,
  • He stayed strong & by grace of GOD escaped from those pains which a normal patient might felt in such decease.
  • He enjoyed his life with the best of how he can.
  • We enjoyed beautiful last 90 days where we laugh a lot; we spend good quality & quantity time together

I cannot express his life span of 58 years in 58 lines so I thought, let me share it as I remember it in short events.

One key quality which I learned from my dad in those 90 days is Appreciate people for what they are doing. During those last 90 days, I observed that, he keep appreciating all family members for giving support.  I wonder how he managed this presence of mind during this critical period. Even in hospital, he kept saying that, we are supporting him & he appreciates that & that’s what inspire me the most. Recognition of your work is what matters to an individual be it employment, be it relationship, be it society.  Dad knows this best & wanted me to learn to value & appreciate people in my life.

During last 6 months I have realized 4 things,

  1. Sometimes too much knowledge becomes your enemy, especially when you know that you cannot do anything about it but just become a witness. It’s better to not know about this fact.
  2. Humanity is still alive, there are people who are unknown to you but still they help you in difficult times in the name of humanity.
  3. Everything happens for a reason & if you see a positive sign then you can decrease your pain to a great extent. I am glad that my father lived a Young life & he died young. He escaped the tough phase of “Old age” & “helplessness”
  4. With every incident in your life, God shows you the truth that, One day you have to return. So, be prepared. Be humble, practice ethics of humanity & try to be a reason of SMILE for LIFE.
On my birthday in 2011

On my birthday in 2011

Dad, I still miss you & I miss you a lot when I see my other friends with their father or someone talks about his/her dad but I know you will always be there with me, in my thoughts, in my prayers & in my heart. I am one of the fortunate sons who got the opportunity to be with his father & I am glad that we spent good quality time together.

I am proud of you Dad & You were one of the best dad in the world. Love you always 🙂

Note: I was not much involved in professional career of my dad, so didn’t witnessed his small small act of kindness to share but if you are reading this, & if you know or want to share any such incident to pay respect to him, feel free to share it in the comments section.  I would be highly obliged for the same.

About B.N.Keshvani

I still remember the date, 15th August,2007 when my beloved grand father, Mr. B.N.Keshvani left this world physically.(May his soul rest in eternal peace). In the morning around 6.45 am, we got the call from my uncle who was living in neighborhood of my grandfather about the sad news. Since last 2 months, his health was not well & was on oxygen & I used to visit him on a daily basis. My office was on the same way & while returning from Office, I used to visit his home where we seat together , recite our prayer, talk few general stuff & then after spending an hour or so, I come back to home. But, it gives me immense satisfaction about contributing some time from my schedule to my grandfather. So, since last few months, after coming back from Africa, I used to go to his home almost on a daily basis. It was a kind of routine for me and hence it was really painful for me to hear this bad news. All, I was wishing is that, He get well soon & I could spend some more quality time with him, but we never know whats gonna happen tomorrow.

Mr. B.N.Keshvani

Late Mr. B.N.Keshvani

His personality is & will remain an ideal for me throughout my life time. I have never seen a person like him. Like every common man, he has passed his days in thick & thin but I have never seen him depress or getting angry on some. Whenever I have visited him, he was cheerful, cracking jokes, sharing a word of wisdom by giving examples & most joyous & lively person in my whole family.  Even at the age of 70, he wants to learn computer , learn to  operate PDA & use software… I just can’t imagine of such things when I will turn to his age in future. But, for him LIFE was a festival to celebrate in whatever form it comes.

I will share few incidents in future in the coming blog post, but recently I have come across an article which talks about him & written by one of his friend. Its in Gujarati language, so I have scanned a copy of the same & uploaded CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE.

When I have spent time with him, I never realized his greatness but now, when he is not with me, I realize his presence, the way he took interest in my talks, the way he share his advise, the way he motivates me (be it financial or moral), his presence of mind, his way of participation in my life… its all simply amazing, but now, all I can do is to remember those days & get inspiration from that to implement at least few qualities of him in my personal life, so that I can contribute in same manner in the lives of my family member.

I miss you dada… Miss your presence, your talks & your joyous nature. Will always remember you in my heart & thoughts 🙂