About B.N.Keshvani

I still remember the date, 15th August,2007 when my beloved grand father, Mr. B.N.Keshvani left this world physically.(May his soul rest in eternal peace). In the morning around 6.45 am, we got the call from my uncle who was living in neighborhood of my grandfather about the sad news. Since last 2 months, his health was not well & was on oxygen & I used to visit him on a daily basis. My office was on the same way & while returning from Office, I used to visit his home where we seat together , recite our prayer, talk few general stuff & then after spending an hour or so, I come back to home. But, it gives me immense satisfaction about contributing some time from my schedule to my grandfather. So, since last few months, after coming back from Africa, I used to go to his home almost on a daily basis. It was a kind of routine for me and hence it was really painful for me to hear this bad news. All, I was wishing is that, He get well soon & I could spend some more quality time with him, but we never know whats gonna happen tomorrow.

Mr. B.N.Keshvani

Late Mr. B.N.Keshvani

His personality is & will remain an ideal for me throughout my life time. I have never seen a person like him. Like every common man, he has passed his days in thick & thin but I have never seen him depress or getting angry on some. Whenever I have visited him, he was cheerful, cracking jokes, sharing a word of wisdom by giving examples & most joyous & lively person in my whole family.  Even at the age of 70, he wants to learn computer , learn to  operate PDA & use software… I just can’t imagine of such things when I will turn to his age in future. But, for him LIFE was a festival to celebrate in whatever form it comes.

I will share few incidents in future in the coming blog post, but recently I have come across an article which talks about him & written by one of his friend. Its in Gujarati language, so I have scanned a copy of the same & uploaded CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE.

When I have spent time with him, I never realized his greatness but now, when he is not with me, I realize his presence, the way he took interest in my talks, the way he share his advise, the way he motivates me (be it financial or moral), his presence of mind, his way of participation in my life… its all simply amazing, but now, all I can do is to remember those days & get inspiration from that to implement at least few qualities of him in my personal life, so that I can contribute in same manner in the lives of my family member.

I miss you dada… Miss your presence, your talks & your joyous nature. Will always remember you in my heart & thoughts 🙂


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  1. Same here…:)

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