Aminbhai B. Keshwani – My tribute to my father

Aminbhai B. Keshvani ( A. B. Keshvani )

B.Com, LLB Advocate, Ex- Judicial Magistrate, Ahmedabad

People who worked with him says they got attracted by his magnetic personality which reflects his intelligence, his kindness, his humbleness & most importantly his purity of soul. I feel proud to be a son of such a magnificent personality, yes I proudly say that, Hey look, he was my dad. He has served judiciary for a decade & legal system for 35 years & helped many junior advocates, clients & sometimes needy unknown people in their critical time & that’s what he taught me during last 32 years.

Me & My Dad were ready to go for a movie

Me & My Dad were getting ready to go for a movie

11th December, 2012 – It’s the first time in my life of 32 years when I witnessed Or should I say experienced that how it feels when you witness the experience of “Death”. Believe me; it changes your attitude towards life. It shakes you totally & makes you still stand with no idea, no thoughts in mind. I was seating outside ICU praying to GOD for dad & its 6.30 am in the morning, I was shaking literally when security guard announced my name – I knew its alarm, something happened and I have been called inside ICU. I entered & saw my dad for the last time. Can’t express how it feels but I was shaking. But, you know what, Dad was sleeping very calmly seems like saying to me “hey, I will be with you so don’t worry” – And yes, even after 2 months, I feel the same. He is with me & he will be with me spiritually, emotionally, in my thoughts, in my heart.

In last 6 months, our lives have changed. To-day it still feels like a bad dream we have seen but cannot deny the fact at the same time. But, I have some satisfaction or I say some reason which I feel helping me to cop up with this situation. I say to myself that,

  • I am fortunate as I did my best to help my dad during his difficult times & thank GOD for allowing me to be his support & to earn this moral satisfaction that I did my best.
  • I am fortunate that I am still doing my best to support my family, able to fulfill the responsibility with the best I can.
  • I am fortunate that, I learned the lessons of life from this & now my attitude towards life is changed to 360 degrees.
Trip to Alibaug near mumbai

Trip to Alibaug near mumbai

Oh, but what about my father, well, I feel he was lucky as,

  • He never witnessed OLD AGE Crisis,
  • He stayed strong & by grace of GOD escaped from those pains which a normal patient might felt in such decease.
  • He enjoyed his life with the best of how he can.
  • We enjoyed beautiful last 90 days where we laugh a lot; we spend good quality & quantity time together

I cannot express his life span of 58 years in 58 lines so I thought, let me share it as I remember it in short events.

One key quality which I learned from my dad in those 90 days is Appreciate people for what they are doing. During those last 90 days, I observed that, he keep appreciating all family members for giving support.  I wonder how he managed this presence of mind during this critical period. Even in hospital, he kept saying that, we are supporting him & he appreciates that & that’s what inspire me the most. Recognition of your work is what matters to an individual be it employment, be it relationship, be it society.  Dad knows this best & wanted me to learn to value & appreciate people in my life.

During last 6 months I have realized 4 things,

  1. Sometimes too much knowledge becomes your enemy, especially when you know that you cannot do anything about it but just become a witness. It’s better to not know about this fact.
  2. Humanity is still alive, there are people who are unknown to you but still they help you in difficult times in the name of humanity.
  3. Everything happens for a reason & if you see a positive sign then you can decrease your pain to a great extent. I am glad that my father lived a Young life & he died young. He escaped the tough phase of “Old age” & “helplessness”
  4. With every incident in your life, God shows you the truth that, One day you have to return. So, be prepared. Be humble, practice ethics of humanity & try to be a reason of SMILE for LIFE.
On my birthday in 2011

On my birthday in 2011

Dad, I still miss you & I miss you a lot when I see my other friends with their father or someone talks about his/her dad but I know you will always be there with me, in my thoughts, in my prayers & in my heart. I am one of the fortunate sons who got the opportunity to be with his father & I am glad that we spent good quality time together.

I am proud of you Dad & You were one of the best dad in the world. Love you always 🙂

Note: I was not much involved in professional career of my dad, so didn’t witnessed his small small act of kindness to share but if you are reading this, & if you know or want to share any such incident to pay respect to him, feel free to share it in the comments section.  I would be highly obliged for the same.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Siraj Baghadiya on February 1, 2013 at 6:38 am

    God bless his soul in eternal peace.

  2. God Bless you and your family. Sincerely, Narendra

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