How we make decisions ?

I have been thinking over this again & again since last couple of months that, how I make decisions ? Is it based on my needs Or my priorities Or my hobby that I want to fulfill Or simply based on influence by others ?


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It took a while for me to find out the fact that, my decisions are solely based on thoughts which I believe are true. And thoughts are based on my past experience & influenced as well. For example, If I have lost my friend who is young then probably, the next immediate decision will be to fulfill my dreams & securing the future of my family as my thoughts are both based on what I have experienced with the recent incident as well thoughts influenced due to the threat of what If that happened to me ?

So, there is nothing like right or wrong decisions. Every decision which we take is based on the experience that we have gained in the past & influenced by the thoughts of the future. Yes, we do apply our logic here but that comes from an experience (whatever we see, learn, practice are part of our experience only)


Image Source : Long, W. and Cooper, I. 2011

But then What about Intuition ?

Yes, this is something I always trust upon. Life is full of experience, and with every decision make new learning which turns in to experience. There were few critical time in my life where my logic & experience was saying something different to choose but my intuition was saying the opposite. Every-time when I listen to my intuition, later I realized that it worked in my favor. Though there is nothing like wrong decision but yes, decisions sometimes work in favor of us & sometimes not so in favor but then that’s how you earn your experience.

Few leanings :

  • There is nothing like Bad or Wrong decisions, we took a decision so we should be proud enough on that, yes there are learning which we take out of it, which influence our future decisions.
  • Life is meant to make decisions, so take your stand, don’t let others take decision for you.
  • Longer the time you take to make decision, more the confusion. Trust your intuition.
  • Life is too short to wake up with regrets, so be humble with yourself, but do not make decisions on others thoughts as it will impact you , not others. Take advise but then decide your self.
  • Be ready to face whatever comes once you make a decision as its your decision. Someone else will not take benefit or shit of your decision.
  • There are individual decisions which is an individual right, & then there are family/group decision where we need to either take decision on behalf of the group or influence the one who is taking the decision. Again, its your right to put your point but more important is to learn (not influenced) from other’s thoughts.

Life is all about choices we make! At every step, at every moment we make choices/ we make decision, but we hardly think about it.

We are limited, we are not perfect, we are irrational in all kinds of ways but we are aware of what we are doing, that’s what matters. Freewheel is the beautiful god-gift we as a human-race are bestowed with. Let’s make God proud of us 🙂




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