About Amish

Hello Friends,

Well, Who am I ? , I think this is the quest for life & I feel that, I am still in a process to find the right, satisfactory answer for that, but on professional front, currently I am working as SEO & Internet Marketing Expert.

Initially, I have started this blog to share my knowledge & expertise with my fellow team mates & other unknown friends who would like to know more about the industry or simply want to get updated with the new happenings in the industry. But, now, I have shifted that to a new domain under “Innovative SEO” as I don’t want to mix my personal & professional life. This blog is simply to share my opinion, my personal experiences and my thoughts on a journey called LIFE.

If you are a person who is interested in discussing about spiritual aspects of life, Implication of following ethics in life then you will enjoy this blog. If you love to read motivational stories, love to share examples of your personal life then this blog is for you. This blog is about contributing towards building a healthy society on the basis of ethics, love, simplicity & spirituality by sharing our voice with the people around the globe.

On a personal note, this blog is for future generation, as somewhere sometime, if they would like to know about the thinking & experiences of their earlier generation then at least they have something to read to know about it and not just the media clippings shown on the Youtube or other News Websites. I hope GOOGLE will be popular enough at that time 🙂

I warn you that, if the above introduction sounds boring to you then, its good to just quit & move on as the coming blog posts on this blog might sound more boring to you. But if this sounds interesting you then, I invite you to share this platform to raise your voice for future generations as well as with current generations around the globe to make a better society & world to live in. I am neither a leader nor a saint, I am a common man who dream about a society built on the ethics of honesty, brotherhood & forgiveness, where people can live with peace & make others life worth living.

I am Amish, who dream like every common man but who also put a little effort to make it come true & leave rest on GOD to help him. I am Amish – a simple man with full of emotions,  ambitions and dreams, I am Amish – who is no body but just another soul like you.


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