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Help for Cancer Patient

Hello Friends,

One of my friend in Baroda, Gujarat, is doing a very noble cause by helping cancer patients. With this post, I am just trying to extend my small share to make his work little easier.

Patient named Arman Husain who is a 5 yr old child residing in a village near Indore. He has been diagnosed as a case of acute myeloid leukemia (AML). He is poor, his parents are labourer, his parent’s monthly income is around Rs.five thousands.  His disease has cure rate of 40 to 50%.  However the cost of treatment would be around three lakhs at Kailash Cancer Hospital or at M P SHAH cancer hospital Ahmedabad. It is around one third the cost compared to private Cancer hospitals.

As of now treatment is going on at Baroda, This is a gentle request to Anybody who is in baroda & who is having B-ve blood group or donor card to please come forward & help in this noble cause.

Arman who is suffering from blood cancer needs blood at frequent intervals, My friend Alok seeing this kid on weekend and he is hospitalized in goraj muni seva ashram aka kailash cancer hospital.

A word from Alok : “So my friends please share and let me know if anybody has a donor card where his parents can get some discount or anybody ready to donate. His parents are not in a position to undergo his treatment but by the god’s grace there are people who are helping them and also seva ashram is doing their best for this 5 year old kid. ”

Please let me know ASAP who wants to donate the blood b-ve or has the donor card where he can get blood at half of the rate.

Lets come forward & try to help Arman to fight his battle of life.

Just Tweet to @amishkeshvani or send mail to amish(atthereateof)innovativeseo(dot).net to get more details.